The “B.B.Q. sammie” at the Lowdown: Red slaw, pickled okra, barbecue. Photo by Manny Figaro for

“B.L.T.P.” = a sandwich of brown-sugar bacon, lettuce, heirloom tomatoes and jalapeno pimento cheese. has the interview with food trucker Nate Kelly, whose operation serves southern-style sandwiches like B.L.T.P.s and grilled crunchy peanut butter with bananas and nutella.

From the interview:

Manny: What makes your food truck unique?

Nate: I think there are a couple of things that make our truck unique. The fact that we are true Asheville locals makes us a minority in this town which is pretty unique. Also the fact that we have the ability to put out any genre of food instead of painting ourselves into a corner by declaring a certain type of cuisine.

Manny: I heard that the graphic on the front of your truck was designed by an artist on the show Ugly Americans, how did you meet him and get him to make the graphic? Is there anything special about the graphic?

Nate: It’s true, the designer was working at Comedy Central, he has now moved on to a different studio working with a pretty famous graphic designer, but I’m not allowed to give to many details because the show they are working on is still in its planning stage. Erik Minkin, the artist, is one of my best friends. We met the summer before our freshman year at AHS (Asheville High School) and have been friends ever since. When I approached him about the idea he was thrilled and said he had a lot of fun working on it. I think what makes it special is how well he encapsulated Asheville in the mural and how ever time you look at it you can find something different.

Manny: Are there any chefs locally or nationally that you look up to or inspired you to start a food truck?

Nate: Locally, I really admire Brian Canipelli (Cucina 24) and my mentor James Clark who lives in Austin now.

The Lowdown just celebrated one year in business.

Read the whole interview here.

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