James Fisher, one of the folks who has been with Asheville’s alternatively weekly for nearly its entire lifetime, has announced on Twitter today that he’s leaving

It’s official: James Fisher, aka @JIMI FISHSTIX, is leaving Mountain Xpress after 16 yrs. What a ride! What is next for me? Good stuff.. …

When I worked with Fisher, he was serving as the newspaper’s advertising director, a role he’d served for several years. Fisher and the weekly announced last October that he was moving into a new job as business development director. The idea at the time was that Fisher would concentrate on regional and national sales, sponsorships and trade partnerships and events.

I don’t know what this means for the Mountain Xpress advertising department, and I don’t know what’s next for James. I do know James is an enthusiastic cheerleader for Xpress and local small businesses, and that he and his family are really great people.

Good luck, James!


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  1. marissa williams says:

    We at Xpress are excited for James' new life venture and applaud him for all of his many efforts and involvements with the company for the past 16 years. The Advertising Department will stand as it has been, with me as the Manager overseeing our talented team of sales representatives. His enthusiasm and talents will be missed, and we toast to him proudly for his years of amazing service!

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