house3 A break from usually scheduled programming to post an ad:

This gorgeous two-story Arts and Crafts home offers privacy and convenience with an open floor plan. Tons of natural light with 5 decks and many custom finishes including cabinets, built-ins, hickory flooring, granite countertops and french doors. Private access to a large pond to take a swim or fish. Let this become your unique getaway. Click here to read all the details and see more photos.house1

Three bedrooms, two full baths, on half-bath. The address is 175 Red Oak Lane, Marshall, N.C., in Madison County. The listed price is $275,000. This listing is courtesy of:

Rory Heller/ Keller Williams Realty
Phone: (828) 279-7699
Mobile Phone: (828) 279-7699house2



  1. Killer house. Love to the haters.

  2. Update: This ad was posted to the front page of for about a week during the holidays. It was viewed about 500 times, according to WordPress traffic stats. The homeowner tells me that it generated leads that resulted in three showings of the house.

  3. hey man big fan of the site but why not post this on craigslist. Friend or no friend I would never put this awesome blog, which I see as my goto source for Asheville in jeopardy by posting unrelated real estate nonsense.

    Just my 2 cents

    better luck next time with future experiments

  4. Okay…weird to see this here…but let me say:

    Gorgeous house…..great price….But NO GARAGE?

    What is it with everyone building NEW HO– — USES without garages?

    Okay, rant over. But the garage, for me, is always a deal breaker.

    • Foothills Dweller says:

      No doubt – I agree with you. I built my house in 2006 in Morganton for only $150K, including a full basement and oversized 2-car garage. My car’s finish is forever ruined from having to park outside for over a decade prior.

  5. What the hell is going on here? Is Keller Williams sponsoring Ashvegas now? Does this entitle them to placing ads as news articles?

    • Jim, this is an ad for a friend trying to sell a house. I asked for permission to post. Nobody’s paying me anything. The post is clearly labeled as an ad. It is also an experiment to see if the blog post generates any leads. Right now I’m not planning on selling any blog-posts-as-ads. It’s just an experiment.

  6. WOW, my house is for sale, can I list that here to?

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