A virus attacked National Climatic Data Center computers recently and did serious damage to the machines rank as the world’s largest repository of climate data, according to word on the street.

Data center officials aren’t saying much publicly, but I’m hearing that a computer worm got into center computers and brought its operating system down. I’ve heard the damage has been so severe that some employees can’t do their work.

Awaiting details.

Image link for NCDC.



  1. Hackers might wreak havoc on our weather!! I hope they use this power responsibly.

  2. Concernedcitizen says:

    Posting this information is about as intelligent as those ABC Nightline exposes that cover how to get into airports with bombs and guns. Did you ever think that posting this information might give hackers a heads up to something that they didn’t already know? Great job helping keep national security.

    • concerned, i believe the opposite – that bringing light to this incident can help prevent future incidents like this.

      • Ashevillain says:

        Reporting this on your blog does nothing of the sort. Don’t you think the officials in charge of handling this are aware of the problem already? Doesn’t it seem reasonable they are already taking steps (or deciding which steps to take) to prevent things like this from happening?

        How does bringing the incident to light [to your blog readers] prevent future events like this? Are your blog readers going rogue on their own time to undermine these hackers? Seems a little far-fetched to me.

      • Jason, thanks for the info. Very interesting … look forward to further developments.

    • Concerned – Your valid point will fall on deaf ears, I’m afraid.

      You are talking to someone who interfered with EMTs at a recent Belle Chere while they tried to assist someone who was overwhelmed by the heat. He then wrote an entire column in the AC-T whining about how the EMTs were mean and unfair to him.

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