See a big, bright, green meteor over Asheville last night? A rare green fireball was spotted over our city on Wednesday night at about 10:48 p.m.

The same fireball meteor was spotted in a five-state area including North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Kentucky and Virginia, with most spottings seemingly clustered around Asheville, Charlotte and Greensboro.

An account from an eyewitness:

5 sec south to north blazing white, started out small, like a shooting star, then grew bigger, angled down and turned brilliant green, then broke apart in green bits at the end (trees were blocking my view slightly at the end, this is what appeared to happen) startes out like a shooting star, then increased in brightness and size, dimmed slightly when green at the very end of my view it appeared to break off into several fragments This was A-mazing. It was very bright and terribly beautiful!

Watch a black and white video of the fireball here.

Details about the meteor here.

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  1. I saw the green meteor in the Wilmington NC sky at 5:35 AM Thursday morning.. JJ

  2. Gregg Hodge says:

    I saw the same thing driving from SC to east TN. I was near the North Carolina Tennessee line in the mountains when I seen a reflection off the hood of my car followed looked up and saw a brilliant white then bright green fireball streak past and head of me going a bit north west direction. I too braced for impact but heard nothing and there was no flash, but the air glowed or my retinas were singed ha ha. It was almost an spiritual experience. I now understand how primitive and even more recent people why they would thing such things were from the Gods….

  3. I saw this in Kernersville, NC. I thought it was a shooting star until I saw it all over social media. Very cool! Glad I saw it:)

  4. It was awesome! My friend and I were forced to go out and walk the dog (Concord, NC) and I started playing with the flashlight by pointing it at the sky and my friend looked up to and miraculously we just so happened to be looking at the right spot and this gigantic green fireball appeared. It was so large i thought we would hear the impact when it landed but we heard nothing. it was dead silence and there was no sound during or after the fireball. We thought we were hallucinating because we had just gotten home from a nine hour drive. The parents didnt believe us until today when all the reports started coming in. It was bright bright green and stayed in our field of vision for about 2 seconds (flight path was practically vertical only slightly slanted from left to right)

  5. Meredith English says:

    We saw this, too. We are in Black Mountain, NC and were outside at a Wailers show. It was absolutely amazing! I wasn’t sure what I was watching! There was a strange sound that went along with….very neat!

  6. Justin & Keree Britts says:

    We saw this meteor in Giles Co. Virginia!

  7. It was amazing! I’ll never forget it.

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