aquila_2014Here’s the note from loyal reader Nat. This looks like a fantastic event:

Hey Ashvegas,

Last month, my theater company (the Fox & Beggar) put on Animalia: a zoological circus for the stage, which I think you heard was a success. We broke all-time records for attendance at the Hazel Robinson Amphitheater and were buzzed about by Asheville’s performing arts community. Kitty Love (Executive Director of the Asheville Arts Council) reported this:

“Last night I feel like I saw a truly groundbreaking moment for us. I’ve seen a lot of the elements that were contained within the production before, like fire and silks and the like, but the way Nat Allister wove together story with top notch performing arts, accompanied by thoughtful and beautifully crafted music, visuals, costumes and setting was something next level. I saw a glimpse of what he might bring in the future too, saw the scale of his vision and what his work may become and I feel more inspired than ever that we should be behind him as an artist and visionary.”

You can watch a teaser of the show here.

On June 6th, we’ll be holding a fundraiser, as an attempt to take Animalia on a Southeastern tour. The event is called Aquila. It will be held from 6-9 p.m. at Hanger Hall. Tickets are $35. More:

Each ticket includes cocktails made by mixologist Chynna Lucas and an incredible selection of appetizers made by chef Jacqueline Maloney.
Come listen to live world music, explore the beautifully transformed Hanger pool (art installations by Chris Sams and Travis Eagledove of the Ancient Art Salon), and watch a multitude of circus arts, dance, and other incredible acts spread across the lawn.
Note that there will be exactly 111 tickets sold to Aquila. Get them now, as we do expect it to sell out. This is a night you don’t want to miss.

You can read about it on our website or on FB here.


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