new_zone_south_slope_2014Here are the basics, from a loyal Ashvegas reader:

Proposal up on Development Mapper for the Zona Lofts lot. Four stories of parking topped by four stories of apartments. Can’t say I’m ecstatic about the look of it – half the building is parking. Although I suppose this could be an amenity if it can be a public parking deck that serves the entire South Slope.

This site is located at 150 Coxe Ave.

So the development beat goes on for the South Slope, with real estate every bit as hot as property in downtown proper. Several other South Slope projects are in the works, several centered on the former Standard Paper building on Banks, which will be home to Vortex Doughnuts. Word on the street is that a bar and restaurant also plan to located in that building. In the meantime, the Chrysler building is already being renovated.

Folks will remember that about four years ago, the plan was to build a 13-story residential condo building on this site. The project was called Zona Lofts. The recession hit and the project didn’t go off. The site has been a giant pit in the years since. old_zone_pit

For orientation regarding the above photo of the pit, the Chrsyler building is to the right and the new Twin Leaf brewery is to the left.





  1. Glad to see that the project involves the Chrysler Building, which seems like such a wasted gem. It also continues the recent tradition (the Indigo and the new hotel on the 3 Brothers site, the planned apartments on Asheland, etc.) of putting fairly high-end residential and hotel buildings in close proximity to homeless shelters and popular hangout spots. That seems very Asheville, somehow . . .

    • Oops, had the ‘Chrysler Building’ confused in my head with the Sawyer Motor Co. building up the street. THAT one is cool, the Chrysler one’s a bit more bland.

      • Nona Martin Stuck says:


        You’re right, the Sawyer Motor Building is very cool. I’ve lived here for 8 years, and hate the idea of our only real green space being eaten up by yet another unnecessary construction.

  2. What a shame a building like this will be built on a prime location near downtown. This looks like an amalgamation of generic multi-family architecture and parking deck aesthetic that could be built anywhere in the country. Looking at the architects website I’m not surprised and I’d have to guess that the developers here are interested in making a quick buck. Additionally it’s a shame that they’d have to hire a Charlotte architect when there are so many capable ones here with a much deeper understanding of the local culture and building material.

  3. I knew it was inevitable but not this soon. We chose the building for the view. Really makes me kinda sad.

  4. luther blissett says:

    At least the parking’s not at ground level, but those kinds of plans usually imply a building that has a pretty artificial-looking fascia on top of the concrete and rebar shell.

    How many units, then?

    • According to the C-T article, there will be a total of 48: 24 in the new building and 24 in the upper floors of the adjacent Chrysler Building.

  5. It would be nice if these were going to be somewhat affordable. That’s something we really need in this town.Im certain they will be ridiculously overpriced like everything else downtown

    • According to the C-T article, rents will be “from $900 to $1250 per month” which isn’t exactly in the “affordable” category, but also isn’t nearly as much as what properties just a little bit closer to downtown charge.

  6. Where is the usual crowd that wants to preserve things as is? The trash strewn pit is so attractive.

  7. hauntedheadnc says:

    Too small. Downtown land is a dwindling resource and shouldn’t be wasted on squat and timid little plans. But, other than that, bring it.

  8. Looks like Twin Leaf is going to lose their view. Too bad. But maybe a lot of beer drinkers will move in. Plenty of breweries to keep ’em happy.

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