Publix_rendering_2014Here’s your first look at a rendering of the new Publix grocery store going into the former Kmart shopping center location on Hendersonville Road.

This second drawing also shows that the new nearby Chipotle is set to take over a space next to the Hardees location fronting Hendersonville Road.Updated Chipotle 2014 Hendersonville Road

Here’s the background on Publix opening in Asheville. A tidbit:

The Florida-based grocery store chain Publix plans to open a 50,000-square-foot supermarket in the Kmart shopping center on Hendersonville Road, the latest in a wave of new grocery store development around the city.

Developer Rusty Pulliam, who owns the property at 1830 Hendersonville Road, said Thursday he’s signed a lease with Publix, which plans to begin demolishing the shopping center in November. The store should be open by October 2014, he said.

Publix already announced it would open two stores in Charlotte, it’s first foray into North Carolina, and move aggressively to expand across the state.



  1. I have had the pleasure to shop at both stores each for about 12-15 years.

    We are moving back to Hendersonville N.C. in the next few months from Sarasota Fl.

    I told my wife that I am going to miss Publix and then I read they are opening a new store in Hendersonville, Publix in my opinion, it HANDS DOWN the superior store all the way around, just shop there and you’ll see, nuff said.

  2. Do those triangle roofs have a purpose? Are they letting natural light in? As a design feature, they look like a stupid 3rd grade design. Publix has produced some nice buildings, but sadly this isn’t cutting it. Bad way to introduce yourself to the community. Better redevelop the plaza again. Granted it’s better than what was there before.

  3. Can someone in the Asheville area update me on the opening date for our new Publix. I am so excited. Leaved here for over 30 years and so sick of Ingles!!!

  4. I’m from Florida and back in the ’80’s Publix wasn’t that great. They were overpriced, did not promote females and were slighty snooty. That all changed after a couple lawsuits were filed. Now food prices have reached their previous level everywhere, they promote females, have higher standards and introduced the BOGO specials.
    I only have Ingles and BiLO in Franklin, NC, and of course, Walmart. Ingles does not carry a lot of products I miss; I find myself returning Laura Lynn items, especially dairy due to being almost out of date, and Bilo is overpriced. I do like Ingles produce, especially locally grown.
    The worst things about Walmart is their meat and their consistency in carrying products.
    Publix does have a better selection of meats which I find very limited at all current NC chains. I will drive 1 1/2 hrs to Asheville to check Publix out, but not often.

    • Rumors have circulated Ingle’s Markets would replace store #132, United States Route 441 Bypass, on the site of the former Walmart. I wonder if store #114, Westgate Plaza, would be up for a store replacement also.

  5. All you anti-free market publix haters…..close your mouth, your stupidity is showing!! Ingles has had a MONOPOLY on the grocery store industry in the area for numerous years. It’s TIME for tyranny to end. I’ve lived here for most of my life and in Florida for several years, and I can state unequivocally that Publix is a better store in EVERY way…customer service, employee attitude and retention, quality and quantity in the selection, and a store layout that is logical and organized!!! Oh, and the best part….PRICE $$$$ AND BOGO!!! (Buy One Get One)

    Ingles, take a hint…bigger doesn’t mean better.

    • Asheville, you are going to love Publix! I lived in Greenville, SC until recently, and shopped at several Publix locations there. They are superior in every way to Ingle’s! Most particularly in the prepared foods, bakery items, the cleanliness and the service.

  6. I’m hoping Publix will eventually come to Waynesville. Ingles is fine, just not in Waynesville. The Canton store is great and I love the Murphy Ingles, but Waynesville needs some help. I understand from the Regional GM that the Waynesville Ingles is the highest grossing store in the State, not sure how it manages that. I’ve been shopping there for 15 years and they are ALWAYS out of the most popular items. Having to go to two different places to do my weekly shopping gets old. How is it that a grocery store doesn’t understand the concept of supply and demand? Anyway, I digress – here’s wishing and hoping for Publix in Waynesville!

  7. Folks are going to be terribly disappointed with Publix, I live in Florida part of the year and believe me ingles has a.much better selection of quality foods and their service is miles ahead. Some believe that competition will improve the local grocery buying experience and I hope that this proves to be the case, but Publix as they exist in Florida is not the answer.

    • You can’t be serious! Publix is hands down better in service, products, and overall appeal. Publix workers smile and are efficient and helpful. Ingles employees are sad-looking, morose, and totally absent when needed for assistance.

      Most Ingles stores look like the old Winn Dixie stores, tired, poorly organized, and bleak — and their Laura Lynn products have much to be desired. I’ve been in many locations of both stores — and the simple fact is that Ingles needs to step up its game, or Publix will drive them out of business.

      Simply put, there is no contest between these two.

      • Hardboiled Shamus says:

        Yeah. I haven’t ever been in a Publix, but I am looking forward to this one coming into town. Ingles treats their employees pretty terribly. I worked there for 8 years. I felt so much better after leaving and people even said I LOOKED a lot better and happier.

        I hope Publix gets here soon. I’ll shop there from time to time. It’s just a little further out than I would like.

    • We stayed in Ashville for a while and had trouble finding some of the food we wanted. I’ve never had that problem in a Publix. The customer service at Publix is great. Hands down Publix is much better.

  8. I worked for publix for 10 years! Awesome company! They care about the community and employees

  9. Beach Person says:

    I like them both. I welcome the variety. Publix has a great bakery! Publix has a great deli.

    • I shopped at publix in SC and was impressed with the selection of British items. Nothing like that at ingles here in Asheville. Can’t wait for Publix.

  10. boatrocker says:

    I like how digital renderings of proposed new buildings always remind me of “Grand Theft Auto” in terms of graphics. Now I’ll be expecting to see some hookers or a carjacking every time I drive by there.

  11. More competition is good- prices might drop and quality might go up. Ingles has been in need of some serious competition for years.

    • The customer service is AWESOME at Publix!

      Ingles take notice!

      • But they don’t treat farm workers very well. Publix has refused to join the Fair Food Program which commits a company that only buys from tomato growers who uphold certain working standards. Companies who are a part of the Fair Food Program agree to pay an extra penny per pound for tomatoes so that it can be passed on the the people who pick them. Even McDonalds and Taco Bell have joined. But Publix refuses.

        Publix — just another greedy corporation.

        • Vlad Emrick says:

          Is Ingles a member?

          • I had not heard about this before, I checked out the website and no, Ingles is not on board either. Just because I see Wal Mart is participating does not make me want to shop there though.

          • I don’t know if Ingle’s is a member or not but I don’t think they have been asked to join.

            Publix has been asked to join and have been refusing to do so since 2009.

          • I don’t mind Ingles. They make efforts to source their produce locally, (I happen to know from part of bulk purchase orders from them) they are locally owned, they are providing more organic/local products all the time.

            And I doubt Publix has any exceptional customer service. They employ the same students/second job single mothers/idle hipsters as every grocery store in the country. It has more to do with the community they’re drawing employees from and less about the company itself.

          • Matt,

            I am thinking you have not ever shopped at Publix based on your comment. There is a huge difference in the level of service. Just sayin’

        • weavervilleman says:

          actually Publix is NOT a greedy corporation, they care about the community, they are a fortune 500 company, and they are a joy to have in the community. I wish people like you would stop making up some BS.

        • Lee Fletcher says:

          Thanks for that important information. Publix, as Walmart, needs to be watched (don’t they all).

  12. Honestly, I think the Ingles in Mills River (and the proposed changes to one on Hendersonville Rd by Biltmore Forest) has a better design. People think if they slant the roof like a right triangle that it looks good. Now it’s everywhere.

  13. weavervilleman says:

    Hey Jason,
    There is a rumor going around that Publix bought land off of Monticello Road in Weaverville where Clevenger and sons plumbing used to be (Dan youngs Property- located near Garrison Branch, where the old red barn is at)

  14. Public has been doing some Asheville targeted tweets in the past few weeks. So happy to have Publix coming to town.

  15. The layout says the store will open by Mid-May, but the text says October 2014. Which is true?

    • weavervilleman says:

      Should be by mid-may of next year. But you know, if they can construct it with barely any delays with construction or weather, it might be sooner!

  16. Apparently Crossman & Co. released an updated rendering showing Hardees still there on their website. My mistake.

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