Anyone seen or heard the newest Bob Caldwell commercial? Bob, the long-time weather-guesser at WLOS, has pumped out about two million commercials since his retirement of about a year ago, but this one is an instant classic.

The commercial has Caldwell answering the phone call of Ingle, who is clearly looking for a forecast of snow. The premise, of course, plays off the rumors — serious, or not — that Ingle paid off Caldwell for snow forecasts. Every time Caldwell said the four-letter word, he sent locals rushing to the store aisles for the pre-requisite bread and milk.

Pretty good commercial. Somebody send me a screen capture.


  1. I can’t believe that Mr. Caldwell has betrayed the people of Asheville and the WLOS viewing area. He is using his "trustworthy persona" to lead people into the jaws of doom at Auto Advantage. Shame on you Bob.

  2. Weather Watcher says:

    My wife actually sent an email to the Advertising Department at Ingles complimenting them on the "Bread & Milk" commercial with Bob Caldwell. I have to agree it is pretty funny. Nice change of pace…beats all those stupid Auto Advantage commercials!

  3. Sponge Square Bob Pants says:

    Anyone know if this commercial has made it’s way to youtube yet?? Post a link!

  4. I immediately started rolling my eyes when I saw there was yet *another* Bob Caldwell commercial, but this was actually pretty funny.

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