Fermenters at Burial Beer.

Looks like it’s a done deal: Burial Beer is coming to Asheville and will be part of the coming renaissance in the south-of-downtown area that’s soon also home to Admiral chef Elliott Moss‘ Buxton Hill Barbecue.

They’re saying spring 2013 at 40 Collier Avenue.

From the Burial Beer blog:

Well, a lot has happened the past few weeks. Recap!

  • We have located our final resting place at 40 Collier Ave in Asheville’s South Slope neighborhood. The team got together this evening to plan the design and layout of our cozy 600 sq ft.
  • We have entered review of our TTB application.
  • We have prepared our NC state application – ready to send as soon as the TTB lets us.
  • We brewed a couple of beers, using Asheville-made malts

(I have gathered this area, just south of downtown, doesn’t have an official name yet). Burial Beer Co. will open a small taproom in this very neighborhood with a Spring 2013 date to be determined.

The ”South Slope” neighborhood is home to Greenman Brewery and French Broad Chocolates, among many other wonderful, small businesses. The Citizen-Times recently ran a brief article about the neighborhood’s recent growth. We are so excited to be surrounded by hardworking, passionate community members who add undeniable character to this neighborhood. Once we open our doors, we aim to be another stop on the “South Slope” tour.

As we looked for a neighborhood to put down roots, we resonated with the vibe of the “South Slope” area. Burial Beer Co. is a business with plans to start small and focus on our dedication to the craft of brewing beer while connecting with the people who drink it. Maybe this area will welcome more small businesses, maybe not, either way, it is our first home.

Down the road when we are sitting in the sun, drinking a Burial beer at our farmhouse taproom, we will remember this time, this space and this neighborhood as our humble beginnings.

Link to the Burial Beer blog here.



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  4. so …

    One World Drewing is coming to Patton …
    Twin Leaves Brewing has announced plans on Banks Street
    and now Burial Beer as well …

    Beer City indeed!

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