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Where’s the body?
This is an interesting debate.
William Nidiffer has been dead for four months.

Dead from a shotgun wound to the chest, his body was found Jan. 8 in the area known as Ephrum Gap, near Unaka Mountain.

Since then, experts have disagreed on whether the crime scene is in North Carolina or Tennessee, and the investigation has been passed back and forth between Mitchell and Unicoi County Sheriff’s Departments.

Bear hits car
Check out this story out of McDowell County.
“Unsure exactly what hit her, (the motorist) said she looked in her rearview mirror and saw a bear she believes weighed between 200 to 210 pounds.

“‘It was a pretty good size hunk of bear,’ she said, adding she was more startled than scared by the encounter.”

Emu bites dust

A runaway emu bit the dust once police caught up with him, also in Mac-Dowell County. What to do with a dead emu?
“The emu, similar to an ostrich, is native to Australia and was imported into the United States first during the ‘30s as exotic zoo stock. During the last several decades, people have started raising the bird for its lean meat and hide.

“It has a red meat, similar in taste and appearance to very lean beef that is lower in cholesterol but higher in protein than most cuts of beef. The hide is used for boots, belts, luggage, and accessory items. It is also becoming well known for the unique, penetrating oil which can be obtained from the bird, according to a Web site for the N.C. Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services.”

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