Ashvegas is still reeling from the death of Alvy Alvarez, the sociable dude behind the counter at Gold Hill Espresso and Fine Teas on Haywood Street.

Word spread through downtown today, with friends and loved ones coming by to pay their respects at the coffee shop, named a top 10 coffee shop by a USA Today writer.

The coffee was good, but Alvy was better (see my earlier posts). He was a giving soul.

A motorist spotted his body from an interstate overpass in south Asheville yesterday afternoon.

We’re all stunned. He will be dearly missed.



  1. Thank you for your comments.

  2. As a friend of Alvy’s, I feel that it is important to clarify your story a little. Alvy had been suffering from clinical depression long before his breakup almost 2 years ago. It is unfair to insinuate that breakup as having anything to do with his recent depression. He does have a current girlfriend as well who is certainly devastated by this news and must feel very disconnected and alone facing all of this, espescially since her job keeps her out of town.

    As to how Alvy died, there is no official word on his wrists having been slit, and that was not mentioned as cause of death in anything that I have heard. He fell from the bridge, and that is all that we have heard as far as details on that front. In my opinion, it is much more important to focus on the life of this beautiful man whose generous spirit touched all of us so deeply.

    You are right, he will be sorely missed.

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