Loyal reader McMurtry recently weighed in on the discussion about Whole Foods, and is also encouraging people to join his Facebook fan page titled, “Bring Trader Joe’s to Asheville.”

The page has more than 1,300 fans the last I checked, and the number’s growing. Here’s a sample of some of the comments:

That would be so incredible! I would love to have them in Biltmore Town Square…but I will travel to any location they choose in this wonderful Foodtopian town!

Yes, Weaverville!! I’ve been begging for the North Side to get some love from TJ’s. Please send them your request, too!
I NEED more dark chocolate from Papau New Guinea, people. Let’s make this happen!
My husband loves their natural peanut butter. Friends have brought us some from Charlotte NC and Danbury Conn.
I can taste those triple ginger cookies already! Oh wait I have two boxes upstairs from my last trip to Chapel Hill.

So there you have it. People are crazy for the Trader Joe’s. Back in October, someone commented here that Trader Joe’s did, in fact, have plans to open a store here, (Biltmore Park, to be specific) but that rumor was knocked down. Here’s the exchange:


when I was in Chapel Hill at Trader Joe’s last spring (had to get that 2-buck Chuck’s) they said we’re getting a TJ here.


I emailed their pr dept about it and received this response:

“We have not yet secured a site in Asheville, so I don’t have any update for you at this time. I’d be happy to let you know if and when we move forward with any stores in Asheville! Thanks for inquiring.”

I guess we’ll keep checking in.


  1. can someone speak to the issue of their seafood policy? greenpeace has created a website regarding their selling red-listed seafood http://www.traitorjoe.com. also, can someone answer question of their policies on connecting to local growers/farmers, which was posed on the facebook site in november, and has not been answered. it’s imortant to my friends and i to understand these issues before taking a position to support or not.


  2. I’ve asked Trader Joe’s several times about an Asheville store — every time I visit my hometown and shop there…

    best I can tell they open stores where there can be multiple stores so that distribution is more efficient

  3. It will be in South Asheville, sorry but it’s a better demographic for TJ

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