From loyal reader Ben:

Hey Jason,

Heads up – they are now towing from the post office lot on Coxe avenue – $150 to get your car out. I saw 8-10 cars towed out tonight.




  1. The problem was that folks were blocking access to the drop boxes in the front, as well as leaving their vehicles there into the morning (presumably after catching a taxi ride home?) The lot has always been posted as per the City ordinance.

    Oh, and the tow truck companies get the dough…not the property owner.

  2. I guess when you’re losing $12 billion dollars a year, you’ll take revenue any way you can get it.

    • Agreed. Towing people in the evenings after the post office is already closed is nothing more than a money grab. They should be able to address any liability issues with signage.

  3. Are there signs posted for certain hours of the day … if not I thought that the City had made that (predatory towing) illegal a few years back.

  4. They need to start doing this at the Rankin lot behind the Civic Center.

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