Here’s the round-up:

-Chipotle rumor continues: @zoecarroll5 on Twitter keeps it going:

@jaredanovak my mom just told me that we are getting a chipotle in Asheville.

Who knows. We’ve been hearing this about Chipotle for awhile now.


-Storage Wars in Asheville: @DesignButterfly tweets it:

We met Barry last night at @wickedweedbeer! They’re filming #StorageWars in #Asheville!

That would be Barry Weiss of the reality TV show Storage Wars that follows professional buyers snapping up storage units stocked with who-knows-what. I can see some fun filming come out of a Storage Wars film session in Asheville.

-Moogfest tidbit: @SocialLifeAVL says he’s heard that Moogfest next year will be a five-day event. That’s in line with everything I’ve heard about Moog Music Inc.’s desire to create an event that includes panel discussions and meet-ups a la SXSW that really highlight Asheville’s entrepreneurial spirit, as well as its music.

-Andie update: The Washington Post says Andie MacDowell likes being out of the spotlight, but she’s obviously on a publicity tour for her new Hallmark show, Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove. O, how i miss you, Andie. A tidbit:

“There’s a deep piece of me that wants to be very personal and not share everything with everybody and not put it out there. There’s a piece of me that wants to hold on and not to have to be out in front. But there’s another part of me that’s perfectly fine with it. It’s almost a dual personality,” she says, smiling.

-A Dancer’s Place Moves: A Dancer’s place, thee place to go for ballet slippers and tights has, for decades, been located on Patton Avenue near Pack Square. Not any longer. The business has moved to Regent Park across the river. The downtown location is for rent.

-Silver Armadillo alive: Another institution in West Asheville, the Silver Armadillo, has not disappeared, as earlier reported. The Armadillo is alive and kicking in Westgate. More details soon.

-Swannanoa River the new hot arts spot? Could be, says Verve magazine: I can’t seem to find the story online, but the mag’s August edition has an interesting story about artists moving out of the River Arts District. One new destination – Southside Studios in a warehouse along the Swannanoa River.

-Business opening of the week: Bethany at Rhetorical Factory is throwing a party to celebrate the opening of her brand-spanking-new brick-and-mortar store Haywood Road. Check it on Thursday.

-Music recc: Valerie June. Give her a listen. Americana/country meets Erykah Badu. Bad-ass. Get her to Asheville NOW! Thanks, Melissa and NPR!



  1. Silver Armadillo is NOT gone…..

  2. Yeah, yesterday, my wife was like “I saw that guy with the glasses from Storage Wars at Grove Arcade.”

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