If you think of Asheville as the hooping capital of the U.S., turns out you were right–and now we have proof.

Hooping.org, the online home of the global hooping community since 2003,  just handed out its 2013 “Hoopies,” in which a panel of 50 judges voted on awards including Best Solo Video, Best Tutorial, Best Male/Female Hooper, and Hooper Hall of Famer.

Asheville totally snared Best Hooping Community 2013, tieing with Brighton, England.

Also nominated for Best Hooping Community were Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Los Angeles;  Mexico City, Mexico; New York City; Tampere, Finland; and Tokyo, Japan.

FYI, community Hoop Jams happen in Pritchard Park Tuesday evenings from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Check out all the 2013 Hoopie winners here.

Congrats to all our Asheville hoopers! See you at Pritchard Park soon.

Bonus: Hoopie winner for 2013 Solo Video of the Year, hooper Cressie Mae of San Francisco. Shout out to our SF fans!

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