Because today is more than just the end of a long weekend.

Image by Melissa Ingle on Twitter

From an AC-T editorial today:

As Richard Starnes, chair of Western Carolina University’ history department, puts it, Memorial Day should mean more than just a day at the lake, a day haggling at the dealership, or a day off from work. Memorial Day, as its name implies, is about the act of memory.

“This day is about recalling the sacrifice of men and women who, in the course of serving our country, gave what Lincoln called ‘the last full measure of devotion,’” says Starnes. “It is about reconnecting with their spirit of selfless service in an age where self-interest seems to govern our every action. And for those who served, it is about recalling the names, faces and voices of those who never made it home, ensuring that their friendship, service and sacrifice will never be forgotten.”



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