RR Fine Arts stillLooks great! Press release:

The premiere & after party for Ringside Rosary, the first independent feature by local production company Down Poor Pictures. Watch Ringside Rosary trailer here.

Where: Movie Screening Location- The Fine Arts Theatre 36 Biltmore Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

After Party Location- Adam Dalton Distillery. 251 Biltmore Ave.

When: Come out to the Fine Arts Theatre at 7:00pm & 10:00pm on August 15th for a Premiere Event to remember!

Cost: Everything Included in your $7.00 movie ticket. Tickets on sale now at FineArtsTheatre.com.


* Enjoy refreshments as the actors arrive
* Live Music
* Trailers from DPP and other NC filmmakers
* View premiere screening
* Stay as the Director takes stage for open Q&A
* After Party!

The Movie:

An orphaned underground boxer, Tommy (Tom Stadnicki) seems destined to relive his family’s violent and tragic pattern, until he becomes a father. In a desperate attempt to save his deaf son (Jakob English) from the curse, Tommy and his wife Lizzy (Mara Breindel) decide to abandon their criminal lives. Despite their determination, Lizzy’s addiction and debt drag the past closely behind them.

The celebration will be held at Adam Dalton Distillery, a couple of blocks down from the Fine Arts Theatre.
There will be Live Music, drinks, FREE games (Pool, Foosball, Ping-pong, Darts, etc.) and time to socialize with the cast and crew!


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