Asheville’s Joshua P. Warren has made a career out of his love of the paranormal. He published books of local ghost stories, created an organization devoted to investigating weird stuff and he runs a local ghost tour of Asheville.

Warren also knows how to get publicity. His latest stunt: putting an alleged Bigfoot body up for sale on ebay.

A couple of guys from Georgia over the summer put together some fur and frozen meat and tried to convince the world that they had found the real deal Bigfoot. It was a high profile hoax. Somehow Warren got his hands on the Sasquatch carcass and is offering it up for sale on ebay.

From Fox News:

As reported here on Monday, it’s not just any Bigfoot costume — it’s the one that Clayton County, Ga., hoaxers Rick Dyer and Matt Whitton filled with animal parts and froze over the summer in an effort to convince the world they had an actual dead Sasquatch.

“Neither of them are going to make a penny off of this auction,” explains Joshua P. Warren of Asheville, N.C., the paranormal entrepreneur who put the “body” up for sale on eBay.

Bidding had reached $202,341.25 by midday Thursday, about 12 hours before the auction was due to end.

“My arrangement is with the people who control the body,” Warren told “Money from this auction is going to hopefully resolve the legal conflicts.”

Warren wouldn’t go into detail, but confirmed that there was at least one civil lawsuit related to the hoax, “and criminal charges being pursued as well.”

Here’s the ebay auction page.

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