Ty Hallock, CEO of Top Floor Studio

Asheville entrepreneur Ty Hallock, 29, appears in on the cover of the “Business Day” section of the Saturday New York Times. The article describes how some people try to stay relevant in the working world via informal education.

Hallock shared his own strategy (checking in with startup news for an hour or two daily; starting his own podcast  in order interview his heroes), and also touches on his company’s educational arm, Top Floor University, which has offered classes in project management, and lists classes in WordPress, Drupal and creating viral videos.

From the NYT:

Over the last decade, Ty Hallock has steered his business from Web site creation to social media to mobile apps. In three more years, he expects to be back at the drawing board again.

To prepare, Mr. Hallock, 29, spends an hour or two a day at his business, TopFloorStudio in Asheville, N.C., tracking venture capitalists and start-up news, trying to divine the next frontier. He created TopFloorUniversity, where experts teach his employees and clients the latest in app development. When he could not find a good curriculum for information architecture, he and a colleague developed one themselves. As a pretext to learn from the luminaries in his field, Mr. Hallock even produces his own podcast.

“You’re always reaching for something that’s kind of like unknown, because you don’t know what is really going to be the future,” Mr. Hallock said. “I’m not in my 30s yet, and I’m sure at some point I’m going to be like, ‘Enough.’

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  1. Great job Ty! Always looking to expand web technology and the entrepreneur scene in Asheville.

  2. Great job Ty! A true leader in the entrepreneur scene in Asheville.

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