ami_james_2013Ami James, a star of the reality TV show Miami Ink and NY Ink, recently paid $783,000 to buy a 5-bedroom, 4-bathroom, 4,419-square-foot mansion on Saint Dunstans Road in Asheville, according to property records. The sale went through at the end of January. Saint Dunstans is on the south side of town between Biltmore and McDowell, I believe.

James is preparing to open up his own tattoo shop in downtown Asheville. He will be moving into a former bead store on Wall Street. His shop is expected to open in March. Background on James in Asheville here.

Property transfer record for James buying Asheville house.

Thanks to loyal reader Brian for the heads-up.



  1. I thought the little dude from Fantasy Island was moving to Asheville

  2. Jason,The Biltmore House is what I call a mansion. Just saying.

  3. Jason, I enjoy the “celebrity spottings” and other fun news, but don’t you think publishing his address (or a direct link to get it) is one step over the line? I realize the info is public knowledge, but drawing your blog’s wide attention to his home address seems like it flies in the face of the well-documented privacy that this guy is looking for in Asheville. Just my $0.02, but this seems disrespectful.

    • Ben, thanks for your note. I do t think I’m crossing the line. James is a public figure. The property transfer, with his name, was published in the print paper and posted on the newspaper website, which gets millions of hits every month. The readership of my notice pales in comparison to that.

  4. I cannot express how boring this is. The only thing that could make it more so would be if the street address were *420* Saint Etsy, and that there would also be a coffee shop/taco stand opening next door to said tattoo place.

  5. Welcome to Asheville.

  6. Pretty loose definition of the term “celebrity.”

  7. Why is it a mansion and not a house?

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