Bulldog rants on GMA:

If you’ve ever wondered why there is so much mistrust of “the media,” look no further than Exhibit A from Good Morning Liberal America on ABC.

Diane Sawyer “turned to” a Duke University Hospital representative Tuesday to answer questions in regard to the story about surgical instruments being mistakenly cleaned in hydraulic fluid, and the effects on patients. But when the spokesman’s answer exceeded television’s “sound byte limit,” Sawyer cut her off in mid-sentence. Then Sawyer stumbled through another convoluted and accusatory question, but the spokesman’s answer went completely unanswered when Sawyer advised her that “the computer is about to cut us off.”

So left hanging was the accusation, but minus a response.
Sawyer then fixed the interview disaster by announcing, “There will be more on this story …”
OK, when? How about cutting short Tony “Token” Perkins’ breathless weather for a little more news substance, or at least a fair representation of both sides of a story? Or fewer minutes devoted to “legal expert” Cynthia McFadden’s dissection of the Michael Jackson verdict? Or shorter video of Sawyer watching her husband winning an Oscar? Or one less story and interview with some dumbass who was rescued from (a) a river, (b) the woods, © a port-a-john on his construction site.
God, these talking heads piss me off. No wonder (intelligent) people watch what is proclaimed to be “news” on TV and believe the medium that provides it as biased.

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