Asheville City Council on Tuesday approved an ordinance that allows the sale of alcohol to begin at 10 a.m. on Sundays. That means any location, from a grocery store to a restaurant, that’s licensed for alcohol sales can start selling two hours earlier that the noon start that previous state law mandated.

The North Carolina General Assembly earlier this year passed a law that gave individual municipalities the power to adopt the move to an earlier start to Sunday alcohol sales. The “brunch bill,” (#freethemimosa) as it came to be known, was seen as offering a boost to small businesses and the hospitality industry.

In Asheville, brunch is a booming business just about every day of the week, but especially on weekends. Local breweries and restaurants will be celebrating. See you Sunday morning.




  1. Now. When can I purchase alcohol in a store before noon on Sunday. I’m not religious, and I do not think anyone’s religion should prevent me from doing my grocery shopping.

  2. Thank you, Senator Rick Gunn (R) and Representative Chuck McGrady (R)

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